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Defining Value Domains

A value domain is a center of gravity for your org design.

Different names are known for this concept: Tribe, Track, Base, Product, Value Stream, Nexus... Whatever name is used, it is essential to ensure customer-centricity.


Examples of Value Domains 

Insurance company:

  • Each domain is formed around an insurance type

Gambling, gaming:

  • Each domain is a large game or a set of games.

  • Important: the platform that the games are built on top of is not a value domain as it is not customer-focused, and it doesn't make money on its own.

  • If, on the other hand, the platform is sold separately to external vendors as a product, then such a value domain can exist, but technically the platform code will be shared among all domains.


  • Each domain is a business line with its investment strategy, almost like separate businesses that can be started and shut down independently.

  • Online banking (b2c), large business accounts (b2b).


  • Domains can be formed around different brands (for several large brands) or sales types (online sales, brick-and-mortar).

  • Avoid funnel-like domain forming: acquisition, activation, retention - creating value domains along these lines will lead to an under-optimized user experience due to a lack of holism in looking at the user journey.

User Scenarios, User Journeys

When forming Value Domains, it is critical to have an outside-in perspective. 

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